For many whisky enthusiasts malt whisky is most closely associated with Speyside, but in truth this is only half the story. The strength of the association, however, can be seen from the many distilleries which, although not situated beside the River Spey, make allegiance with it when stating their provenance. It all goes to show how over the last two centuries 'Speyside' has meant high quality and today the truth of that statement has not diminished at all.

There is a 'Golden Triangle' that stretches from Elgin over towards Banff and down to the cradle of distilling on Speyside - Dufftown. In this triangle lies the greatest concentration of malt whisky making apparatus in the world, and to savour the atmosphere here is to realise how important and how dearly distilling is held in the Highlands of Scotland. Speyside whiskies are generally noted for their elegance and complexity often with a hint of stylish smokiness.